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Rainbow Goths in Chrome.

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Personally, I have not seen my natural hair color in 28 years... I love the fun color palettes people who dye their hair come up with. Therefore, I was inspired to do a colorful hair shoot. I put out an inquiry on FB for models to show me the best hair they had to offer, and was not disappointed. All models who attended the shoot had the most excellent colors.

To showcase the drama of the colors, I needed a muted elegant background that would not contrast with the colors. The Walt Disney Hall immediately came to mind, a beautifully polished chrome environment. On the day of, the quality gothlings and myself had gathered in a group on the steps, ready to start shooting.

Much to my surprise and dismay, 2 out of 3 spots I had intended to shoot at had unexpectedly been roped off and closed because the WDH was having an active concert! I decided to see what could be done.. walked inside the hall, with my co-pilot Mary, to find someone in charge, saw a few guards taking care of the show exits.

After explaining my shoot, there was one girl gracious enough to allow me into those areas, provided she was also there. So the shoot was back on, with much relief.

It was a lot fun to pose peeps according to color hue, and of course, the group shots. Everyone seemed in good spirits, which made a nice experience to work with new and previous models. Definitely one of my more fun goth shoots! Thank you wholeheartedly to Seth Neuffer for the excellent behind the scenes shots of me photographing!

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