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Goths and the Great Pumpkin

Mary and I went location scouting in search of an actual patch on a farm, instead of a concrete lot on which pumpkins and corn stalks were placed (which most were). We finally decided the McGrath Pumpkin Patch really fit our hopes for an authentic location.

The McGrath farm company was very accommodating, allowing us to shoot there with no limitations, the people running the show at the venue were courteous and helpful.

On the day of the shoot, I arrived after an hour or so drive out to the "country" BLISTERING HEAT. It was at least 115 when I got out of the car, an hour before the models were to arrive. I waited under the umbrella to see if the heat could be handled, any ray of sun that even touched my stocking covered leg was actually painful... so the shoot was almost canceled.

Extremely disappointed, I figured I'd give it an hour, and lucky for us... the temp began to decline, hour by hour, enough to be outside. I placed everyone in different fun scenarios... some of the goths were reluctant to do the pretend line-group-kissing photo.. tho turned out well.

My favorite shot was walking through the pumpkin patch, which is what inspired the whole endeavour.

A few of the normal peeps coming to buy pumpkins, did give the goths a curious look, which amused us.

Many of us selected a choice Halloween pumpkin before we left.

By the end.. (at least I was) most definitely heat-exhausted, we made our way to a nice little sushi restaurant and had a very tasty meal.

I would have fully recommended taking kids and yourselves to this particular patch for a lovely experience, in a REAL pumpkin patch you can lose yourself in. Unfortunately, only a year later after this shoot was taken... the McGrath farm decided to close business as a pumpkin patch after 40 years.

There is another Mcgrath Patch in ventura here-

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