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Goths on the Beach!

The epic goth beach bikini shoot of May 2016 was a total collaboration of the entire group. Models and their hangers on brought a cheery anticipation to the festivities.

Canopies shaded the delicate goth-flesh, abnormally large beach chairs for existential lounging, delicious contributions of many delectable grilled meats and foods.

Another favorite element of this beach shoot, was Marys mini beach balls that inspired an excellent festive shot!

All the models brought their A-game of confidence and ocean frolicking, and a couple of the men assisted the handling of the reflectors, which was helpful and appreciated.

Drinks and bonfire revelry happened after the shoot was completed, there was also a surprise random whale sighting!

Everyone handled their role of the day with so much efficiency, the photos turned out perfectly.

Much fun was had, sincere thanks to the entire cast of players!

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