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Dead End World Goths

Mary and I had visited this particular Ghost town a few years prior, we were given a lovely private tour through the abandoned mines. It was a premium location to do a goth photo shoot. I knew it would take a lot of planning.

The distance was a bit remote to expect models to drive to, but thankfully, I had a good friend Rob who offered to rent a shuttle, and provide transport for the models Some chose to drive themselves.

After months of planning, we met up at my apt in Hollywood, models parked, then we all planned to take off from there.

The only problem is, I had not foreseen a massive Hollywood Armenian pride parade happening that day. It took me an hour and a half to go one mile from my apt to the freeway exit. The models' shuttle was in the same situation, therefore, we started the shoot extremely late.

When we got to the location (FINALLY) we only had a few hours of daylight left, thus having to rush things.

I had so many ideas that were scrapped because I could not take my time, but since the models were so excellent and on point, in the end, the shoot turned out incredibly good.

Another obstacle was extreme winds. It was difficult for me to even see, as my hair was whipping into my face the entire time I was there, and some people's eyes were affected.

We broke for lunch, turning an abandoned house into our buffet, thanks again to Rob's catering. (and his portable toilet lol)

Anthony and Jay helped out a lot with assisting.

Grateful to Anthony for keeping me on track with my ideas, as I was feeling a bit scatterbrained from the obstacles of the day.

I was still in awe of the amazing location, and the flawless modeling going on, even with the day's setbacks, I was enjoying the challenge.

Friends, Crew, and Models.....

As the night finally came on, and the shoot wrapped up, we gathered to say goodnight and drive back to LA. Had an excellent time shooting with these fine peeps!

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